Para Site, Hong Kong, 2022

  • Exhibition


Gallery view

Fanatic Heart is an exhibition that explores the complex and fanatic landscape of fandom and stardom through numerous lenses ranging from cultural and historical to religious and political. The spatial design is one that tries to create dialogues or setting for each piece of artwork while still allowing it to be perceived with a stage of its own.

Due to the number of pieces and spatial limitation on site, we have inserted only a single volume in the centre to establish a logic of circulation and spatial boundaries. The apparent rectangular room in the centre is actually out of two layers of rotated rectangles that rendered a skewed corridor on the exterior to align with the entrance sightline while maintaining a perfectly symmetrical room inside to mask a free-standing column in the middle of the gallery repurposed from an old industrial building.

Surrounding this central room are all the pieces that is given its own setting or stage with various kind of conceptualisation about boundaries e.g. a teenage bedroom stud wall, a bench, a colored wall, a pedestal, a stage and a curtain etc.

  • Date : December 2022
  • Location : Para Site, Hong Kong
  • Design Team : Aron TSANG, Carla DIVRY, Frida LAW, Wesley HO
  • Curator : Cusson CHENG
  • Graphic Design : mmmmor studio
  • Builder : IDS
  • Client : Para Site
  • Photographer : Felix S.C. WONG, Courtesy of Para Site
  • Area : 2,400 sq.ft