Cheongju, South Korea, 2020

  • Architecture


Gallery view

The city hall is the heart of the city - a ground for everyone. A modest low rise with an iconic gesture that celebrate the synergy of government office and public ground coexistence.

The new building ’hugs’ the existing City Hall building at the center of the site. Carving out a large public square faces the original facade with the addition of a semi-cylindrical glass public dining hall. Opposite to the dining hall stands the auditorium. The mass is ‘bent’ to create a promenade alongside the insertion of restaurants, cafes, and shops linking the South Seongan-street. Through a number of cut-outs, the ground floor mass is broken up into smaller parts and is highly permeable from all directions. A 9-meter grid system is overlaid onto the plot to maximize its usability as an office building. Courtyards of various characters are cut out to ensure all office interiors are within 9-meter from natural illumination and fresh air. An elaborate auditorium steps and ramp are inserted at the central square which naturally leads visitors up to the roof gardens, contributing a floating central park in the city.

  • Date : March 2020
  • Location : Cheongju, South Korea
  • Design Team : Aron TSANG, Natalie KO
  • Collaborator : Chris TSUI
  • Area : 600,000 sq.ft