Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 2024

  • Interior


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Adventist Medical Centre transforms traditional clinical spaces that prioritize operations over experience into a warm and welcoming interior for body and mind.

The highly sanitized typical white medical interiors are not unfamiliar to everyone. However, with the recent booming wellness industry that focuses not just on physical but also mental well-being, Adventist Medical Centre is a pilot project to transform medical interior and elevate user experience without sacrificing operational needs. The entire concept originates from Adventist Health’s branding color pink with a twist that relates wellness to natural scenery. The design intends to borrow the materiality and ambience of canyon and pink lake that radiate a sense of security and warmth. Subverting the typical white and clinical interior that is often unpleasant to the users due to a lack of natural or human touch, an earthy material palette with various shades of pink and beige is adopted to render a cosy and peaceful environment that calm one’s body and mind.

Situated inside an office tower, one of the key challenges is the long and narrow floor plate with gigantic peripheral columns. The strategy to dissolve a solid tunnel like corridor is to allocate programs that can be semi-open to the corridor and thus creating a kind of internal street vista. In terms of layout, the circulation flow manages to maintain a continuous loop with all consultation rooms and staff areas along the windows for natural light. The internal core are operation rooms that demand completely concealed and controlled environment. To facilitate way finding, the two main public areas namely the reception lobby and the waiting area reference the iconic circular shape of Adventist Hospital at Stubbs Road.

  • Date : January 2024
  • Location : Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  • Design Team : Aron TSANG, Frida LAW, Liselle NAM, Mayelle BERNAL, Ryan HUNG, Sean LAM, Tom KAM, Wesley HO

  • Signage : HATO
  • Builder : Medtech
  • Client : Adventist Health
  • Photographer : Leon XU
  • Area : 9,000 sq.ft