Daejeon, South Korea, 2020

  • Architecture


Gallery view

Across this seemingly calm and peaceful landscape of a valley in Nangwoldong buried a traumatic past of The Korean War with so many victims who no one shall ever forget. “Into The Stream” intends to unearth a dark history of massacre and persecution to face the formidable truth, and to unfold an emotional journey in addressing the grief and loss to reach hope through the overlaying of historical context, architectural gesture and sublime landscape. Digging into a linear site with “a stream of nature” flows through, “a stream of history” gradually reveals itself.

Through the displacement of ground datum with the topography, the “two streams” intertwined to create various sectional dialogues with the landscape and plantations for different programs. Each pairing of landscape and program echoes the emotional phases of grief and mourning which are universal to humanity. The entire planning and layout is a spiritual journey that brings the body and mind from one emotional zone to another along the spatial sequence with a different topographical approaches and plantations.

  • Date : November 2020
  • Location : Daejeon, South Korea
  • Design Team : Aron TSANG, Bryan YUEN, Natalie KO, Wesley HO
  • Area : 98,600 sq.m